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Company Profile
Dev Digital Electronics is a respectable company that is located in Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India). Our firm was founded in the year 2013, and ever since our inception, we have been engaged in making qualitative range of energy efficient solutions that contributes to a greener world. Banking on our talented team of experts and impressive infrastructural facilities, we are serving clients everywhere. Our sales team have contributed a lot in increasing our market sales. This has led to an annual turnover of INR 2 Crores, which in itself is a proof of the success that we have achieved in a short time. Our vision is to be at the forefront of the industry while we consistently improve our products and come up with innovative solutions.

Our Product Range

We, Dev Digital Electronics, provide an extensive range of products in different specifications that have been mentioned below:

  • Regular LED Street Light
    • 18W LED Street Light Regular
    • 24W LED Street Light Regular
    • 30W LED Street Light Regular
    • 40W LED Street Light Regular
    • 50W LED Street Light Regular
    • 60W LED Street Light Regular
    • 90W LED Street Light Regular
    • 15W Regular LED Street Light
    • 120W Regular LED Street Light
    • 100W Regular LED Street Light
    • 80W Regular LED Street Light
    • 72W Regular LED Street Light
    • 36W Regular LED Street Light
    • 20W Regular LED Street Light
    • LED Street Light
    • 150W LED Street Light
  • Eco LED Street Light
    • 24W ECO LED Street Light
    • 30W ECO LED Street Light
    • 40W ECO LED Street Light
    • 50W ECO LED Street Light
    • 72W ECO LED Street Light
    • 80w LED Street Light - Eco Model
  • Premium LED Street Light
    • 50W Premium LED Street Light
    • 60W Premium LED Street Light
    • 72W Premium LED Street Light
    • 80W Premium LED Street Light
    • 90W Premium LED Street Light
    • 100W Premium LED Street Light
    • 120W Premium LED Street Light
  • ECO LED Flood Light
    • 20W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 25W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 30W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 60W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 90W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 100W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 120W ECO LED Flood Light
    • 150W ECO LED Flood Light
  • Regular LED Flood Light
    • 30W Regular LED Flood Light Model
    • 50W Regular LED Flood Light
    • 60W Regular LED Flood Light
    • 80W Regular LED Flood Light
    • 100W Regular LED Flood Light
    • 120W Regular LED Flood Light
    • 150W LED Flood Light
    • 180W Regular LED Flood Light
    • LED Flood Light
    • 50W LED Flood Lights
    • 90W LED Floodlight
    • 200W LED Floodlight
  • Premium LED flood Light
    • 50W Premium LED Flood Light
    • 60W Premium LED Flood Light
    • 100W Premium LED Flood Light
    • 120W Premium LED Flood Light
    • 150W Premium LED Flood Light
    • 180W Premium LED Flood Light
  • Regular LED High Bay Lights
    • 60W Regular LED High Bay Light
    • 80W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 90W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 100W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 120W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 150W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 180W Regular LED High Bay Light Model
    • 200W LED High Bay Lights
  • Premium LED High Bay Light
    • 60W Premium LED High Bay Light Model
    • 80W Premium LED High Bay Light Model
    • 100W Premium LED High Bay Light Model
    • 150W Premium LED High Bay Light Model
    • 180W Premium LED High Bay Light Model
  • LED Light Fixture
    • LED Fixture 12-24W
    • LED Fixture 20-30W
  • Outdoor LED Light
    • LED Flood Light
    • 400W LED Flood Light
  • PCB Circuit
    • Single Side PCB
    • PCB
    • Single Layer PCB
    • Single Side PCB Designing
    • Double Side PCB
  • Aluminum PCB
    • Aluminum Printed Circuit Board
    • Aluminum Clad PCB
    • Aluminum LED PCB
    • LED PCB
  • Metal Core PCB
    • MCaClad PCB
  • LED Down Light
  • LED Camping Lamp
  • LED Spot Light
  • LED Ceiling Lamp
  • LED Grille Lamp
  • LED Down Lamp
  • LED Work Light
  • LED Solar Street Light
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Lawn Light
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Home Light
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Products
  • Fountain Light

Key Facts:-

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

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Production Type


Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer


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Bank Of Baroda

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